Saturday, December 20, 2008

Professional Text Illustrator Tutorial

Start off by using your text tool to write your title, and using the Font menu to customize your size and style.

professional text 1

Right click on your text, and choose "Create Outlines"

professional text 2

We are going to add a gradient to your text. Open up your gradient window, and use the settings below. Choose "linear" from the dropdown menu, type in 90 degrees for your angle, and click on the color icons on each side of your gradient preview to change the gradient color to a light blue - dark blue progression.

professional text 3

Click on the Pen tool, and change the color mode to"none"

professional text 4

Use the pen to make a selection similar to mine.

professional text 5

Use shift to selection both the text and the new pen path. Bring up your pathfinder menu and click on the divide icon. This will break up your gradient into two parts.

professional text 6

Right click on your text, and choose "ungroup."

professional text 7

Now, while holding shift, selection just the upper portion of each letter of your title, giving you a selection similar to mine.

professional text 8

Lets group these pieces back together by clicking on the "merge" icon in your pathfinder window.

professional text 9

Copy your selection by press Ctrl+C and then Paste it by Pressing Ctrl+V. Change the gradient to a black and white linear gradient as shown below, and position your copied selection in line with the text below it.

professional text 10

Bring up your transparency window, and change the layer mode to "screen."

professional text 11

Your done, you should have something similar to mine!

professional text 12


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